Preferred Vendors

In Korea things work a lot differently on how people work here.  We have agencies that set us up with clients, and most agencies that place you with a new client charge a percentage per service or visit to do business with their client list or to list with them.

The language barrier is hard and the agencies have you signing proposals and before you are even paid you get charged off the top off the wall fees just to work.

English teacher agencies charge steep fees for example: an entire month of fees before you even get to see a paycheck from your hard work.

Housekeeping service charge 20% or more per client they introduce you to, and you work for each time. For every client every time.

We have our own Clients that are looking for your services, so send your information with a proposal, and we will advertise you and refer you to these clients who book through us for your services.  All services welcome, we charge a one time small introduction fee per client, it is not recurring per client.  Stop paying your hard earned money to companies who charge outrageous monthly fees to have you listed with them as their vetted vendors, or every time you work for them you have to pay the company a percentage of your hard earned money.

We need independent dry cleaners/laundry 24 hour services, maids, nannies, teachers, mechanics, realtors..if you have a business and you want to partner with us, let us know.  Send us a proposal and your pay scale.

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