On Post Milk delivery to US Service members, Embassy Staff, DOD, and Families

Page updated: 4/3/2016

We have some exciting news in the upcoming weeks if not days, we will be offering Korean milk and even yogurt delivery directly to your home at competitive flat rate and affordable monthly packages starting at $25USD a MONTH!!!  Now you will get to enjoy exactly what your fellow service members and family members off base get to enjoy with personal delivery to your home for healthy Korean milk and yogurt (yaghut) weekly!!! PRE-SIGNUP NOW, fill out our intake form (you don’t have to pay as we just need an idea of delivery so we know what to hand to the company on the area where you will be receiving milk) so we can serve you as soon as the service goes LIVE for USAG Yongsan target date May 1st!  If you are in the area and want to have delivery set up off post, fill out this form as well!  How to use our scheduler.

Full Pricelist from all the companies to be posted soon for milk, juice, coffee, yogurt, greek yogurt and organic vegemilk as well chart soon..


prices coming soon, but it is generally lower than the cost of milk per month for 80 to 100 units. I am negotiating a family size for a family of 4 to 8 persons. We will have two package rates. These are delicious. Kids love them!

Angie and Suki

Wecanhelpinkr (on Kakao)

wecanhelpinkorea@gmail.com for inquiries. You can pre-sign up here!


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