Unique situation:when you have no deposit to put down for rent

– Looking for good accommodation to rent when you have no deposit –

Diary of wecanhelpinkr (26th of March, 2016)

Recently, I was contacted by a foreigner who wanted help finding a house to rent. I searched for houses within his budget in the area he wanted and sent him information.

I thought that it would be beneficial for him to have money available as a deposit for renting a house.

However having have a deposit for renting can be a strange concept for foreigners.

In Korea, there is a long tradition of putting down a deposit when you rent a house.

I realize that arranging this large sum of money may be big a burden for foreigners living here.

So I have been searching for houses to rent which do not require a deposit.

I have found one such place named SHARE US in Sillim in Seoul.

It is a share house and appears to be a really good place to live.

Plus, they do not require a deposit to rent a room there!

You can learn Korean and about Korean culture more while living there with other Korean people.

Normally when you rent a studio in Korea -especially in Seoul- you need to have a deposit of 5 million ~ 10 million won on top of the 400 thousand ~ 500 thousand won monthly rent fee.

However at SHARE US, rent is only 270 thousand ~ 350 thousand won a month depending on how many people are sharing the accommodation, plus a 10 thousand won a month utilities fee.

You will have your own bed and share the living room, bathroom, kitchen and rest room.

There is also a balcony and lounge to share.

There is a café on the first floor which is open to all paying residents where you can study or work.

The house was an old building that has been renovated to be a refreshing, clean and well designed share house where you can also feel like you are in Cafe with reasonable prices.

I contacted SHARE US and asked them about foreigners renting rooms and they said that is no problem.

So if you have plans to travel or study long term in Korea then renting accommodation like this may be a reasonable option.

If you have any questions regarding SHARE US, and are having difficulties contacting them, or general questions about accommodation in Korea then contact us.

We can help you!

Angie and Suki

Kakaotalk ID : wecanhelpinkr
Email address : wecanhelpinkorea@gmail.com
Phone number :+ 82-10- 4182-7937




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