Our Services Sign Up

Some services need intake information so we can help you better. Please fill these out. If we send them through the ways we communicate with you, please fill out so we can expedite our services. Thank you! You can schedule at your own convenience appointments for our services here. We have a list of what we offer, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, for anything you can think of, just ask us! We can Help! If you cannot understand the scheduler, our process and interaction will not be smooth. Please click this link to learn how to use our scheduler. Thank you 

Housekeeper  Fill out this intake form so we can find tailor and schedule a Housekeeper for you! This is a ONE TIME fee for the Housekeeper, unless you decide to use another housekeeper through us, then you would pay that fee as well.

Taxi Hire  schedule a taxi to come to you in Korea, or contact us at our  Kakao ID Wecanhelpinkr for us to speak to the driver for you for taxi hire service during our working hours this is a separate fee.

Driver Hire or Car Hire Service  schedule a driver to take you from point a to b in your car, or hire a car and driver for the day or a limo/pick-up service. Fill in the intake form for details or contact us @ Wecanhelpinkr for faster service.

Steam Cleaning  and Repair Deep Clean Service we have several companies we contract with that are affordable to clean your couches, rugs, beds and even unclog, clean, steam and sanitize hard surfaces!  If you need a move out clean and your fridge, washer/dryer stove and dishwasher need cleaning and sanitizing, let us know, they even buff floors and can care and get that shine back in your granite, marble and tile! Stopped up sinks and your balcony needs the pipes fixed–contact us, use this form, be specific! We have the right people to do the job. Dirty bidet? Not today…book now!


Milk and Home Delivery Sign Up Form for on Post (Yongsan Garrison Only)

Milk and Home Delivery Survey – for the rest of Korea COMING SOON! (you can still set it up through us, and we will have it delivered to you on next delivery day– just drop us an email, Kakao: Wecanhelpinkr or message us your request Facebook anytime!  We won’t know you need this service unless you tell us! 

for more services, click here.





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