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Update: April 21/2016 keep scrolling for menu…You can sign up for on or off-post milk, anywhere in South Korea! (on post only for Yongsan right now, but future areas will be added based on popularity of the service to other areas)  We currently offer through this service coffee, juice and yogurt delivery through us. Your service will start in a few days after you place your paid order. is the ONLY authorized people in Yongsan area that offers 3liter milk from Seoul Milk who we partner with. In fact we partner with all of the Milk and Yakult company for our exclusive clients in our areas or Korea. Minimum order is 1 3liter per week if you choose this option. Family of 4 recommended is 2 per week, 5,-3 per week, 6-4 or 5 per week.

You can order several ways:

We can walk you through it, (long process but gives you the hands on service you want by filling out this intake form and we will contact you shortly to build your package. If you are having difficulty using our scheduler, here is a handy guide that will help you use it along with a link that will take you directly back to the Client list of services you can schedule.  We will email you back and go from there. This process if you are available and we are can take as little as 5 minutes to 5 days depending on customer response time. Best to use this when you have a clear idea of what you want.

You can also submit from this page, Overview of More Products  with intake form right on the page,  we offer many products including organic plain yogurt, which has been SCARCE here, some more kids options, organic, juice and even a couple international options <—^/^ on second menu.  Scroll down for our first menu overview and order form (all products we have are on this menu. 

Delivery will be weekly, and this menu is for what items you want per week but you can use it for the month as well, we will go based off of your Weekly menu you build.

You can also just email us  your weekly choices and we will send you an application that will get your auto-delivery set up. 

Kakao us your weekly choices

To view our beverage selections from Seoul Milk, Birac, Maeil, and Yakult Company in pdf form, you can sign up on our intake form above and we will send it to you, here is our pricing for all of our menu items below, To order, open this form in a new window. —>>Order form(will open in a new window so you can see the menu here and place your order.)<—click here

You will receive a free gift with your purchase from our sponsor LaNube in your first order along with valuable coupon! 


Yogurt drinkable


Yogurt Drinkable. Healthy and Delicious
Yogurt cup options
Juice Healthy options

Please purchase and get your delivery services started here on this secure form. If you are having any trouble contact us immediately. We can help!  You can also  see our other menu, click –>here<– the order form can be accessed from either page–all items we offer are on these forms all for weekly home delivery  and are billed at  weekly  bi weekly (every two weeks) or monthly.


Thank you!

Angie and Suki


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