All the choices


In Korea this is a crazy concept we know, but at We Can Help in Korea we want you to have choices in what you want to purchase for your family. If you would like to order more of an item regularly we can adjust pricing to make it more affordable for you, we do have a little wiggle room and in the land of bartering–sometimes we can too get our way for you as well when it comes to the delivery service. This is why we offer VIP packaging and a la carte services for people who need to use us more than one time for one job. We hope we can always be available during business hours to help you and to make sure you are being tended to while here in Korea. We want to help you navigate your world. If something is hard or pressing for you we want to find out why and make it accessible. Thank you for trusting us with your choices.  We live to serve.

Angie and Suki

Wecanhelpinkr (Kakao ID)



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