Pricing & How to Place and Order

  1. Send us a Message on Facebook, Kakao, Call us or Email us.  Just give us the details, and we will help you from there. Wecanhelpinkr is our Kakao ID 8am to 11 pm M-Fri, 8 am to 5pm Saturday and Closed Sunday.
  2. Once we have helped you set up your appointment, delivery or service information and or given you the pricing, confirm your order by saying yes and–we will email request secure payment.  Second way to contact us is you can even sign up for service saving us both time by scheduling here, if you schedule during business hours we will contact you during them for your consult. If after business hours, it will be next business day.
  3. We will track the process and follow up until delivery, appointment or services have been completed.  
  4. Let us take care of anything you may need here in Korea and in the USA for VIP service, from simple food orders to complex situations.  We can help. 

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VIP Monthly Service Month to Month Price Per Month 180,000 KRW/$175.00
VIP Monthly Service 3 Month Program Price Per Month 160,000 KRW/$155.00
VIP Monthly Service 6 Month Program Price Per Month 140,000 KRW/$135.00

Why choose VIP Benefits:
You save Time, Energy, Frustration, and Money
You receive Courteous, Speedy, and Diligent Service
You will have Unlimited product and service inquiries and set ups -(we can help you with purchases, setting up subscriptions, talking to your landlord or other native Korean speaker) You will have access to services at cheapest and fair rates that foreigners don’t get.  We will facilitate cost savings for you because we negotiate or find the best prices and items that you want.
You can tap us for Simple translation interpretations -(under 200 characters for written, and for verbal we would act as a liaison over the phone ONLY)
You or your family loves to eat? You receive Unlimited food delivery orders
Doc appts? Need us to find a Dentist or Dermatologist? Planning a Trip in Korea, abroad? You receive Unlimited reservations (appointment, taxi service, booking flights, hotels etc.)
Special Exclusives.

NEW FOR PEOPLE IN THE US: You will receive all the benefits of Korean VIP plus we can do proxy services on your behalf and manage your life as well, contact us today about this. VIP for this service is a minimum 3 month contract at $165 USD per month plus tax.

You will have to pay for any purchase orders you make, or visits to places you reserve, etc., From us, You get to save time because we will be right there making things happen for you and working hard for you to get stuff done.  You will have your personal Korean on hand online and on the phone to help you.
You have at your fingertips someone who will strive to find pretty much whatever it is you want or need here in Korea.
VIP Membership is for Personal Use Only, contact us today at and we will get you started with a plan. You can choose 1 month, 3 month or 6 month option.  If you would like to sign up for a year, we will give you an additional 15% OFF entire subscription!  All subscription services will be charged 15% VAT and Local sales tax of 10% Current VIP customers at their earlier rates we will honor. Depending on KRW and $ fluctuation your bank may charge a different rate than what we charge, we have no control of the daily exchange rate and this is a rough guide only. We will discuss with you tailored to your VIP needs, but once you sign with us, the price for your service is guaranteed through the life of the contract.

Business Services:

Business Executive VIP Monthly Package 975,000 KRW and Up($975.00 and up)
Business Individual Services A La Carte starts at 50,000 KRW($50.00 and up)

Basic Business Executive VIP Package will provide all the services of VIP including document Translation Services and Business support for our client, no more than 8 hours a week and no last minute deadlines please, we must have an ample window to complete accurate translation services. Contact us for full details All subscription services will be charged 15%VAT and local sales tax 10%. Depending on KRW and $ fluctuation your bank may charge a different rate than what we charge, we have no control of the daily exchange rate and this is a rough guide only. We will discuss with you tailored to your VIP needs, but once you sign with us, the price for your service is guaranteed through the life of the contract.

Individual Services:

Service, Product Transactions and Orders (total cost, plus service fee, plus vat) will ALSO incur 15%VAT
Appointments, Housekeeping, Service Referrals, and Reservations 3,000-40,000 KRW
Food Delivery (depends on distance+ cost of your order) 3,000-5,000 KRW
Courier Service Depends on carrier
1 Subscription Services monthly 5000-135000 KRW(various services, ask us)
Interpretation services or complex multiple services(individual use) 15,000 KRW/HR-50,000KRW/HR
Liaison services

Document Translations

Simple translation services



starts at 30000 KRW/HR Liaison services

29,000 KRW per page/ half page

19,000KRW per pageup to 200 words5000-15000KRW

Simple inquiries Free to 3,000 KRW and up.

These prices are for Individual VIP, and All Services and in KRW, the dollar amount is $1.00 =1000 won or the daily exchange rate whichever is higher. Payments will be made before any information pertaining to your query for services are offered. We may even send you a registration request invoice, which we will use towards your first service. A contract can be as simple as a verbal agreement of “yes, or please help me” We will work with you and your budget.  All services except for Food Delivery will be charged 15%VAT and local sales tax of 10%.  Some services include VAT it will say on your invoice what is included.  The longer it takes you to complete an order then you go into complex service fees. This is why we have Kakao and email to try to expedite our services. We want to save you time and money, so when you are ready to use us, please be ready so we can assist you and other clients.  We spend about 1 to 3 hours per client in most cases,  aside from delivering food orders…so please understand our services are priced fair and accordingly.

You agree to auto-pay for this service every month when you get started with milk vegetable or grocery delivery, this will be a prepaid service. You can cancel your service anytime after the first month. You can modify your delivery amounts and can pause delivery.
You agree to let us know when you go on vacation or want your service to stop and for how long so that we can stop your next order before your next billing cycle. You will be billed on the same cycle every month–either weekly, bi weekly or on a 15 or 16 day cycle. Your billing date is date we start your service
You understand that this is NOT a bill, this is an intake form and we will send you a bill after we have decided on what type of delivery you are getting, You understand all deliveries for the month will be paid in advance.